Mastering SurveyPro:
Auditing Projects & Creating Templates

Do your files suffer from "Copy of Copy of" syndrome?

Are you trying to puzzle out your predecessor's surveys?

Ever wish SurveyPro let you create a custom template or library of questions?

Then this is the module for you!

Learn how to systematically review a SurveyPro file to understand its contents and history (and occasionally, baggage). Or learn how to create templates that will jump start all your projects. You'll also find best practices for how to maintain clean SurveyPro files, and reference information on time saving features like the Object Tree and Report Labels dialog.

Complete content including videos and printable Adobe Acrobat PDF of workbook
$ 175

Section 1 - Getting Started 5 3 min.
  In this Training Module 6  
  Query Group’s Mastering SurveyPro Series 6  
  Meet your Trainer 7  
Section 2 - Reviewing and Cleaning Projects 8 50 min.
  The question you may be asking... 9
  First Steps 9  
  Questions and Scales 12  
  Questionnaires in the File 12
    Forms for each Questionnaire 13
    Within the Questionnaires 14
    Triaging your file reviews 14
    Comparing Documents 20
    Unused Questions 21
    Cleaning up Scales 23
    Questionnaires Wrap-Up 24
  Database 25  
    What could go wrong? 25  
    Data Collection History 25  
    Auditing the Data 27  
  Reports 30  
    Reports in the File 30
    The Executive Summary and Data Table reports 31
    Within the Reports 31
    The status of reports 32
    Unused Report Documents 34
    Reporting Components 35
    Reports Wrap-Up 37
  Miscellany Bits 37
    Images in the File 38
  Crib Sheet 39
  Section 2 also includes a detailed worksheet for documenting your projects during the audit.
Section 3 - Templates for your Projects 41 15 min.
  Working with Templates 42
    Elements in a Template 42  
    Starting from Scratch vs. Cutting Down a Project 44  
  Creating a New Template File 45
  Creating a Template from an Existing SP3/4 46
  Packing up your Templates 48
  Section 3 also includes a sample template file, in both SP3 and SP4 formats.
Section 4 - Reference and Tips 49
  Best Practices for Creating Clean Projects 50
  Sharing and Synchronizing SurveyPro Project Files 52
    File synchronization utilities 53
  Default Names for Questions and Components 54
  Copying and Pasting between SurveyPro Files 55
  Report Labels Dialog 58
  History Dialog 59
  Object Tree 60
  SurveyPro Jargon 62
Installation Download file is 65MB. An additional 65MB will be used on your hard drive when the files are extracted during installation.
The installer works on Windows 2000 or later.
Video Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
Audio support for narration
Workbook Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and print files
Worksheets may also be provided in Microsoft Word format
SurveyPro SurveyPro version 3.0+
When covered, NetCollect version 3.1+ for ASP scripts and DirectCollect versions 3.1+
See for the latest updates

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