Questionnaire Design, Editing & Distribution

I've had clients send me the e-mail equivalent of a Post-it note as their survey draft.

Others are all set with a fully revised (and approved!) questionnaire, ready for its Web setup.

In one case, the project was reconciling two surveys: the board members' and consultant's.

Survey Content

  • Better fit your business issue
  • Clarify wording
  • Select data scales (Agreement, 1-5, etc.)
  • Align with your target population
  • Increase response rates
  • Architect multiple survey projects
  • Streamline for administration and analysis

Polished Designs

  • Style match your (or your client's) documents
  • Increase ease of use for respondents
  • Scannable forms
  • Tailor for different media or devices
  • Printable "Worksheet" versions for data intensive Web surveys (salary, audit, etc.)
  • Custom templates to jump-start your future projects

Web Surveys

  • Skip coding for conditional content
  • Data validation for ease of management and maximum completions
  • Pop-up definitions for job descriptions, jargon, etc.
  • Custom JavaScript, ASP, or PHP
  • Portals for multiple survey projects such as 360 evaluations
  • Handshakes with respondent panel vendors
  • Web survey launches and invitations

Whether your questionnaire is all you want taken care of, or part of a larger project, we’ll get it tuned up and on its way!

Need a Hand?

A little help can add a lot of polish—or just save hours and headaches:

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I used one of the tips from class in working with data for [my] seminar and it saved me four hours! You were not a good instructor. You were great.

Steve Bottfeld
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