Recovery & Repair

You plan. You test. And still, sometimes projects hit a snag.

Sometimes it wasn't even a wrong step, simply a change of plans which now requires re-thinking your strategies.

Typical recovery projects include:

  • Backing you up when the project scope grows outside your usual arena
  • Working around missing questions
  • Restructuring answers for easier analysis
  • Leisurely or emergency Web survey repairs and relocations
  • Melding multiple surveys into a cohesive project
  • Reconstructing projects where you have bits and pieces such as raw data and report printouts, but not the main file
  • Correcting flawed reports
  • Untangling projects whose creators are no longer available

During a recovery I have a tight focus:

  • Maximizing data integrity and confidence
  • Minimizing respondent confusion and disruption
  • Maintaining project timelines

Need a Hand?

A little help can add a lot of polish—or just save hours and headaches:

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I always hear your voice in my head ‘if it is taking you too long, there is a simpler way to do it!’

Pauline Perreault
Market Research Analyst
Alberta Motor Association